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We got the iPhone Case today and we love them...we will be re-ordering soon. Thanks - Tim

All I can say is WOW!!! This is customer service beyond belief! In this day and age, it is hard to believe that there is still a company out there that does business this way. You have earned a lifetime customer, and I will spread the word to my friends about your amazing service. - Ray

I recieved my order this morning. I am delighted with it and I will be recomending your company to all of my friends. Once again, thank you. - Clara

Thank you so much. I am extremely impressed with your commitment to excellent customer service. - Dana

The case just arrived and is insanely cool! Amazed at the weight and craftmanship. It fits like a GLOVE. Thanks!- Eric

Two words.... I'm Addicted! - Joel

Got mine today, best case out there...period. Fit and finish is superb. Couldn't ask for anything better. - Shane

I received my case Monday. It is extremely well crafted. The pictures online do not do it justice. I am very pleased with the case. Thank you for making such an excellent case- Ivan

My friend referred me to and I'm sure glad he did! Such an amazing product! Everyone I have shown it to loves it. Great jobs guys! - Dave

Absolutely brilliant! Worth every penny! - Brad

This stuff is friggin awesome! - Richard

Great fit on my iphone. even better customer service
all around great product, buy if you value your devices - Dean

Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Monday, March 15th, 2004

Why should you improve your Alexa ranking? Well, there are several reasons! Whether you operate an e-commerce site that sells products or services online or a small content-driven blog, you can greatly enhance your site’s traffic and earnings if you increase your Alexa ranking. To know more about how and why any website stands to gain from this, read below.

Alexa Internet Inc. is an internet services provider founded in 1996. It runs the ultra-popular and famous Alexa web-ranking technology that has come to be used by millions of companies and individuals worldwide as a sort of who’s who guide to the World Wide Web. Even giant search corporations, such as Google and Yahoo, often use a site’s Alexa score as an index of its importance on the web.

The Internet has radically simplified global trade. The flip side, however, is that it is now easier for criminals to steal your money. Cyber crime is constantly increasing, with thousands of phishing and scam sites trying to steal people’s information and money. In such a scenario, users are increasingly becoming choosy about sites with whom they want to do business- and rightly so!

Naturally, everybody prefers to deal with the most trusted sites. On the Internet, highly ranked and highly visited equates to trustworthy. Interestingly, these two criteria are interlinked. If you get one the other one automatically follows.

For online merchants, it’s important to demonstrate reliability to customers. One way of doing this is to improve your Alexa ranking. A good Alexa position reassures people that your site has a vast number of visitors, which, in turn, communicates that it is secure and reliable.

As mentioned earlier, an improved position automatically attracts a large numbers of users. This in itself is better for business, since more visitors always translate to more sales. Besides, Alexa is a highly useful site statistics analysis tool. It provides valuable insights into how your business stacks up to the competition and how to improve your SEO efforts.

Even if you operate a non-commercial site, it’s a good idea to improve your Alexa ranking to increase advertising revenue. Advertisers universally use Alexa to check how much traffic a site has to assess its marketing potential and how much to bid for ad space.

A rank less than 100,000 is considered somewhat well traveled. Less than 50,000 is popular, while lower than 10,000 and 1,000 ultra-visited and web-elite, respectively.

There are a variety of service providers and companies out there that offer to enhance your site’s Alexa ranking. However, they prove effective in some aspects – while some work, others do not. A good way of determining how reliable a company is and whether they will deliver on their claims is to look for a money-back guarantee.

Under such a program, the company guarantees to return all your money if it fails to improve your Alexa ranking to your desired and pre-determined position, with the promised period of time.

Your Alexa Ranking offer you the opportunity to of improve your Alexa ranking to absolutely any position level you want. Security, stability, and complete privacy are assured with Your Alexa Ranking, and they also offer a money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver on time. For more information, visit


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